Show the value of video.

Creating tennis tip videos is an excellent way to showcase the talents of your pro staff. It also helps your members know which specific elements to focus on when they watch their videos, which enhances their video-watching experience.

Here are some videos we made during our early days at CityView Racquet Club in New York City.

1. The Forehand Takeback
Do you know what your takeback looks like? A great forehand starts with a proper takeback. Joe Perez discusses the many components of a modern forehand takeback while former ATP pro, Fredrik Jonsson, demonstrates.
2. The Perfect Forehand Every Time
Do your forehand swings look the same? Robert Jendelund's five different forehands look identical! Watch this video to perfect the three key components of your swing to maximize control and power.
3. The Serve Toss
Have you ever thought: If only I could toss the ball consistently, I would have a great serve? The tips in this video will help you produce a more consistent and accurate toss, which results in a great serve!
4. The Two-Handed Backhand
Watch this video to find out what the three fundamental elements of the two-handed backhand swing are. Robert Jendelund and Roxana Dragan, from CityView Racquet Club, show you how it’s done.
5. The One-Handed Topspin Backhand
The one-handed backhand is arguably the most elegant stroke in tennis. At CityView Racquet Club, one of the prettiest one-handed backhands belongs to Juan Carlos Parker. Watch this video to make your one-handed backhand beautiful and deadly!
6. The Slice Backhand
Do you know how to execute a slice backhand? Do you know when to use it? In this video we deconstruct Juan Carlos Parker's slice backhand to help you develop this potent weapon.
7. The Overhead
When you get ready to hit an overhead, do you think, “Ohhh, no!” In this video, watch former ATP player Fredrik Jonsson demonstrate how to make your overhead a confident asset, not a shaky liability! Let’s change your thinking from “Ohhh no!” to “Ohhh yeah!”
8. The Backhand Volley
Is the backhand volley a mystery to you? Watch this video to solve it and master this shot! Timmy Leon from CityView Racquet Club demonstrates how to do it.
9. The Half-Volley
Why would I want to hit a half-volley? Click ‘play’ to see how the half-volley can be a tool for holding or even gaining offensive court position. Roxana Dragan from CityView Racquet Club demonstrates how it’s done.
10. Are You a Drifter?
Watch this video to learn about a common rally phenomenon. Don’t be one of those players that are unaware that they’re drifting! Keep the ball in the court and stay focused.
11. The Crescendo Rally
The Crescendo Rally is a special type of drifting. (One that doesn't end well...) In this video, Joe Perez discusses a rallying tendency that is common among club players. Watch out for it!
12. The Return of Serve
The more advanced you get as a tennis player, the more critical the return of serve becomes to winning a match. Watch Gela Meier-Staude explain how to properly execute the return of serve as both a defensive and an offensive tool.
13. Don’t Confuse Your Partner
Are you bumping into your partner when you are playing doubles? Follow the standard poaching protocol to ensure proper teamwork. Here's a clue: Pay attention to the center line!
14. Hit the Poached Volley to Win the Point
When I poach, where am I supposed to hit my volley? Well, the answer is, “it depends.” Watch this video to discover where to hit the volley and why.
15. Charge Forward and Bisect
Like math? Well, by using a little geometry your doubles game will scare your opponents. Kirk Moritz shows you how to dominate your opponents so you own the net!
16. Wake Up and Move with the Ball!
Are you growing roots when you play doubles? Moving with the ball is a fundamental rule that is often forgotten. Let Kirk Moritz demonstrate how you and your doubles partner could optimize court coverage at all times.
17. Face the Server
Check out how to be an effective returner in doubles. Kirk Moritz shows you how a small adjustment can make a HUGE difference.
18. Maintain Your Angled Stance
Check out Kirk Moritz’s follow-up to the previous video, “Face the Server”. He shows you that your stance after returning matters a lot too!