"In 2019, we set in motion at Elite tennis center the notion to put member video footage of court time onto their phones. We thought no big deal. It would be easy to buy a camera hang it up and get someone to download footage of matches. What happened in actuality wasn’t so simple. We first bought UniFi cameras, which provided great quality videos but lacked a stable platform to distribute the videos. The system was glitchy and always needing reboots. In addition, the manual time to download videos was slow and became frustrating.

We then came across Ocams and their incredibly knowledgeable partner named Wendy Ham. She guided us through the right equipment to purchase and install. Once we had a great video and platform for video distribution, we enlisted their services to take any court time for a member and distribute a daily video file to that member’s computer or phone.

Think about this, all 400 plus members are getting actual footage each day of their lessons or matches in a personalized account for viewing and archive. The response from members has been tremendous and eye-opening and has helped their games improve faster. Tennis is about the right technical and body positioning and seeing the actions and tendencies of a player can quickly lead to improvement.

I can’t thank Wendy enough for her valuable recommendations on videos of tennis.  She has a tremendous grasp of implementing technology solutions and streamlining the video distribution for tennis and pickleball clubs."

Jeff Myers
Investor, Elite Tennis and Wellness

"The Ocams team will do everything they can to make your club and your players happy. As one of Ocams’s first partners, we witnessed first hand how much research and experimentation they put into tailoring the service to our club and our members. They are intensely data-driven. They listen carefully and respond earnestly to suggestions.

Their use of the term “autopilot” is very appropriate. The service has required no work on our part. Our members are satisfied. The best part is that they don’t have to do anything to receive their videos. The Ocams service truly runs itself."

Mark Kraus
Managing Partner, CityView Racquet Club

"I’m not aware of any video service out there that’s as seamless and convenient as Ocams, for both the players and the club. It’s fantastic for players who want to improve their game or just review their match. The timely, visual feedback that video provides is an extraordinary learning tool.

I firmly believe video is going to be a standard amenity at most tennis clubs soon. We are thrilled to be among the first to adopt it."

Thomas Fitzpatrick
General Manager, Town Tennis Club

"Our experience with Ocams has been nothing short of exceptional service! Our members have been beyond excited about having the opportunity to see themselves on video to help grow and improve their game. What an invaluable tool to have available to our membership!"

Tammy Jordan
Director of Operations, Elite Tennis and Wellness