No huge upfront cost.
No kiosk.
No buttons.
No staff training.
No complex installation.
No huge upfront cost.
No kiosk.
No buttons.
No staff training.
No complex installation.
No huge upfront cost.
No kiosk.
No buttons.
No staff training.
No complex installation.

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Why Clubs ❤️ Ocams

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Just a photo of an ordinary tennis court.

This is just a photo of an empty tennis court. We don’t have a lot of fancy pictures to show you because our service is invisible.

This is just a photo of an empty tennis court.
We don’t have a lot of fancy pictures to show you because our service is invisible.

What Sets Ocams Apart

Easy, Simple, Seamless

Our number one obsession has always been to remove all the hassle, for both clubs and tennis players. Ocams lets tennis players just play, not spend any effort pressing buttons or remembering login information.

We want our partner clubs to have to do as little as possible. Our recording and video distribution system automatically figures out who plays at what time and on which court*. Ocams simply sends the right video to the right player at the right time.

Our editing software corrects for slight rotation and barrel distortion**. When the camera gets hit by a ball and moves a little, most of the time no one has to climb up the ladder to fix it.

Our live streaming interface is as user-friendly as it gets. The club simply inputs a court schedule and audience list. We take care of everything from creating unique URLs for the streams to sending out email notifications and scheduling reminders.

*Assuming the club has a web-based court scheduling system (such as CourtReserve or ClubAutomation) that is accurate and can be shared with us.

**These corrections are standard features of the video recording system, not live streaming.

White kid flying to hit a tennis ball.

Years of research tells us which features really matter to tennis players and to clubs.

Our service is distilled down to the essence of a great video experience. It is on-point and efficient, which translates into cost savings that we pass on to your club.

Our installation cost is low, with financing options available. Our monthly fee is also low, which creates numerous monetization possibilities for your club. Our pricing is customized based on your exact needs.

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White kid flying to hit a tennis ball.
Young white man is hitting tennis ball with backhand.
Superb Image Quality

We are always working on the little details that create a great video-watching experience.

Recorded videos are always cut at first and last ball. That way, the action begins as soon as you hit the play button, and there’s no unnecessary lull at the end.

In recorded videos, the lines are always straight, and the image is always level. Our video processing software automatically corrects for barrel distortion and minor rotations.

The ball and the racquet are always crisp, never blurry. When you step through the video frame by frame, all information about your swing is preserved in the image.

How to deliver EXCELLENT image quality
A Club-First Approach

Our mission is to make your club look great and your players happy.

Your club’s logo is always prominently displayed on the video and on every player’s personal video library.

Our “Create Highlight” feature lets players easily share their hot shots on social media. With your club’s logo on every clip, your club gets a shout-out with every share.

Our features are carefully curated to specifically serve the club player’s needs. The Ocams video experience is all about seamlessness and watching enjoyment.

The details and pricing of our services are customizable. We want your club to get exactly what it needs.

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How Video Elevates Your Club

Increase Happiness and Engagement

Video is an innovative amenity that is on the wish list of modern club players.

Your members will love the ability to relive great points, review lessons, stream matches, share highlights, and watch remotely.

Stand Out, Lead the Way

Be among the first to set a new standard in club tennis. Give video to everyone, seamlessly and automatically.

Video sets apart your adult offerings, junior programs, and tournaments. With a unique feature to highlight, your club will stand alone in the minds of players and parents.

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Social media card
Boost Social Media Presence

Ocams features your club logo prominently on every video and on every player’s personal video library. Whenever a player shares a video, your brand gets an instant boost.

Use Ocams videos to generate social media content through fun events like blooper and hot-shot contests.

Marketing Tips
Four blue tennis courts
Create New Revenue

Video can increase your club revenue per court per hour. It creates a new possibility when there are only so many courts and so many hours in a day.

Video gives you a new reason to increase membership dues, court fees, lesson fees, and tournament fees.

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Setup & Technical Requirements

One camera per court
One video server for the entire club

Technical requirements

A web-based court scheduling system, such as CourtReserve or ClubAutomation.

Internet with 5 Mbps minimum upload speed per camera.

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Our service can also support more than 1 camera per court if desired.

One video server per club is true for most clubs. The maximum number of cameras that the video server can support is 24. If your club wants to use more than 24 cameras, you will need more than 1 video server.

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Getting the Ball Rolling

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Get to know each other

This step is super important. We want to learn as much as possible about your goals and how your club is set up. Your club is unique, so we will tailor the details of our solution, including the pricing, to your specific needs.

Step 1
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Sign up + purchase equipment

You pay a deposit (equivalent to one month's service fee) and for the equipment and installation kit. You also give us access to your court scheduling system at this point. We ship the equipment and installation kit to your club. Service will begin no later than 30 days after sign-up.

Step 2
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Delivery of equipment + installation kit

Your equipment and installation kit will arrive in about a week.

Step 3
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Your club is responsible for physical installation, which entails running the wires and mounting the cameras. We guide you every step of the way. Once the video server is connected to the internet, we take care of the remaining setup steps.

Step 4
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Service begins!

Just like that, every member gets a video sent to them automatically every time they play, and you can live stream at the flick of a switch! All you have to do now is graciously take compliments from your members for giving them the simplest and easiest video service ever ;)

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