Discover your club’s inner ESPN.
It takes less than 1 minute to set up a live stream.
Your club is a treasure trove of exciting TV content:
Dramas in club rivalries.
Triumphs and heartbreaks in tournament matches.
Memorable milestones in youth programs.
Start broadcasting club matches and events so everyone can join in on the fun.
Make your members feel like a tennis star by letting them live stream their own court time.
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Why Live Stream with Ocams?
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So easy

Each stream takes less than a minute to set up. No technical knowledge necessary.

Bring everyone closer

Allow parents, friends, and relatives to watch practice sessions and matches from anywhere.

Expand offerings and revenue streams

Generate new revenue by selling tickets or passes to your live streams.

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More fun at the club

Create a buzz in the clubhouse by showing club matches on TV. Bring on the cheers!

Engage members wherever they are

Develop your own club TV programming. Now everyone can tune in to their favorite club anytime, anywhere!

Automate email notifications

Let us take care of sending out links and reminding your members when their live streams are about to begin.

Protect privacy

Maintain members’ privacy through curated access. Every stream gets its own audience list.