"My club began using the Ocams service in July. Each time I play, a video of my match, or my lesson, is emailed to me.

From the start, I have absolutely loved this service. I began watching each video after I played, going over the match and identifying the areas of my game that needed work. It is eye-opening to see what you really look like when you play, and seeing for myself what my mechanics looked like directed me as to what I needed to work on with my teaching pro.

I am continuing to review the videos each time after I play to work on my game—it has definitely helped me improve my game."

Mark M.
Overland Park, KS

"Good to see what I am doing wrong as well as what I am doing right. I check whether or not I get my racquet in position for a shot and then finish. Video also helps me assess my serve, to see what I think I am doing when I clearly am not!

Now I am also seeing some doubles play and I can see why I am missing shots that I should be getting, due to poor positioning."

Cay B.
New York, NY

"Whoa! I love this!!! I am so slow!!! I don’t bend my legs at all. I am like a sloth out there!!!

Thank you so much!"

Jill A.
Overland Park, Ks

"I watch my energy level, racquet head speed, and performance during point play. What I watch evolves over time depending on what my coach and I have been working on.

I had never seen myself play before, so pretty much everything I am watching is new to me and helpful. I look forward to seeing some video of myself in matches."

David R.
New York, NY

"I have never watched myself take full lesson before. How amazing and eye opening. Will surely improve my tennis. Thank you!"

Asim U.
Overland Park, KS

"The videos help me visualize many of the deficiencies of my game so that I can remind myself before I play again to not do those same things. I primarily look to make sure that my feet are moving and that I am not standing still. Also, for my split step on returns."

Doug E.
New York, NY

"Thanks so much for the video. As you said, it’s not for the faint of heart and boy do things feel different than what the actual video shows! I have wanted for quite a while to be able to incorporate video review as part of my training. Thanks again for sending."

Melinda F.
Overland Park, KS

"The videos helped me with my serve technique. Very good service, very convenient, and very useful."

Peter W.
New York, NY

"It’s so very interesting to see how you look to others. Very objective!!!! You are seeing reality!!"

Wes W.
New York, NY

"I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to watch my matches. It gives me the ability to see what technical corrections I need to make, and I can go back and score my matches. The group at Ocams turns around the videos very quickly and the quality of the videos has been excellent."

John S.
Overland Park, KS