"Throughout my teaching career, which has spanned more than 40 years, I have had to repeat my instructions over and over again because my students often don't assimilate exactly what I'm looking for in terms of swing pattern or body positioning.

With the use of Ocams, my students' progress becomes immediate and measurable. The HD video allows me to break down my students’ swings frame by frame while maintaining a clear picture.

When they watch themselves, most of my students are amazed that what they "think" they are doing and what actually occurs are completely different. This realization not only helps create an immediate improvement in whatever they are working on but, more importantly, they begin to have a much better ability to visualize what they are doing and how to improve their performance in real time.

Additionally, the video library that Ocams automatically creates for my students allows them to evaluate their improvement over time. This video library can be tailored to be grouped in multiple categories, stroke, match play and even hotshot highlights. Students often send me short clips for analysis when they have questions.

This product should be an essential, no… a REQUIRED, tool for all coaches and students seeking to hone their game!"

Joe Perez
New York, NY

"Video builds and strengthens your tennis intuition. It's like looking in the mirror. And there is always something to improve no matter where you are in your tennis journey.

I teach players from a wide range of age groups and skill levels. Ocams helps them all as long as they are willing to look at themselves with an open mind. From little kids to 80-year-olds, from first-timers to D1 athletes."

Kirk Moritz
New York, NY

"I have seen a number of video solutions in tennis, and by far Ocams is the most convenient and user-friendly one. My students don't have to do anything at all. They just get sent the videos shortly after their lessons.

This frictionlessness is so important because it gets tennis players into the habit of watching their videos regularly."

Fredrik Jonsson
New York, NY

"My student and I were able to look at footwork, rally patterns, and intensity. We mainly look at match play to see how he reacts to different situations during the match. I break down his points when he’s under pressure. And I also look at the intensity of his practice sessions.

Sometimes I can’t make it to his practice, so watching the video helps me see what’s going on when I’m not around. (Not pretty.) I love it. Everybody should get video regularly. It adds tremendous value to every tennis session."

Alex Asta
New York, NY

"I had been teaching a solid 4.5 player for several years, and it had been a struggle to reach that 5.0 plateau. That was until he started watching his Ocams videos regularly.

He began to see the nuances in his swing, footwork, and court positioning. Within weeks he started to make a move, and within a few months he was ready to beat 5.0 players."

Juan Carlos Parker
New York, NY