"Ocams video helps kids in a great way to improve the technique by making the required corrections. We were really impressed with the quality of the video that Ocams provided. We strongly recommended to everyone to use their service."

Vivek M.
Overland Park, KS

"I'm so happy that I could now watch my kids even when I couldn't physically make it to the practice sessions.

I love seeing what they do during drills and being able to say at dinner "I saw that you worked real hard on the court today. Great job!" The best part is that I could watch on demand so I don't have to be available in real time."

Steve W.
Overland Park, KS

"Ocams videos help to document my daughter's tennis development. It's so amazing to see how much she's progressed since two years ago when she first picked up a racquet.

There are so many details that we would have missed without video. It's so tremendous to have an entire video library of your kid's tennis career so conveniently accessible."

Marie T.
New York, NY

"My son plays competitively, and our coach could not always travel with us. I wish every tennis facility were equipped with a video system like Ocams so that we could easily share videos with our coach and get feedback.

Ocams is so straightforward and easy to use, which makes it really simple for my son to do a quick check of a few things after every practice session or match."

Tom J.
New York, NY